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  • Size:350*245 Cm
  • ☃Material: High-quality non-woven fabric, waterproof, anti-fouling, oil-proof, breathable, not easy to mold, scratch-resistant, easy to clean, good texture. Glue: no glue inside. (It is recommended to use natural rice glue or potato glue or ordinary glue)
  • ☃ Product Description: Cute animal, cartoon image, very suitable for children's bedroom, not only can cultivate their color discrimination, but also cultivate their love for small animals, colorful wallpaper, give children a fairy tale Bedroom!
  • ☃ Decoration: This wallpaper will attract the attention of all residents and guests! Exquisite walls can also be used to decorate the lovely restaurant, bedroom, living room, hallway or office, which will bring you a new visual experience and maintain a good mood.
  • ☃ Installation: very simple! Simply apply glue to the wall, click on the wallpaper, and apply pressure! High quality non-woven fabrics will not deform during installation and will not form bubbles or wrinkles. Our wallpaper is odorless and has a smooth surface.


350*245 cm

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